2050 Wealth Partners

2050 Wealth Partners is a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm that provides trusted financial guidance to booming professionals, small business owners, first-generation wealth-builders, and sandwich generation wealth-protectors. The firm focuses on serving clients to help them achieve their goals, grow their wealth, and positively impact generations to come with legacy-building strategies.


Cash Flow Planning

Discover how your money supports your goals and values.

Debt Management

Develop a strategy to pay off credit cards and loans. 

Investment Planning

Build a diversified and low-expense investment portfolio to align with your financial objectives. 

Employee Benefit Planning

Take advantage of your employee benefits. 

Insurance | Risk Management 

Plan for unexpected expenses or situations. 

College Planning 

Create a saving and investment strategy to help pay for college.

Retirement Planning

Prepare for an enjoyable retirement

Estate Planning

Share your desires for transferring and protecting your wealth.