Behavioral Analysis of Markets

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The brainchild of James Gregory Savoldi, Behavioral Analysis Markets is a new area of study closely related to behavioral finance, behavioral economics and socionomics. It focuses on the psychology of actual market participants and how their present moods control market price movement. The firm utilizes the predictive Behavioral Analysis Model to generate stock forecasts, currency forecasts, and commodity forecasts for institutional, hedge fund and individual investors. The Behavioral Analysis Markets is the developer of the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model, editor of "The BAM Report" and BAM Investor.com.

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Behavioral Analysis of Markets

  • The Behavioral Analysis Model predicts future price movements in human traded markets through the study of market participants' emotional responses during periods of high emotion and "capitulation."
  • The B.A. Model captures fractal-level data "footprints" created during these periods of elevated emotion and uses that data to predict future turning points as well as periods of strength and weakness.