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CIT is a division of First Citizens Bank, a top 20 U.S. institution by assets. One of the nation's leading specialty and commercial finance companies, CIT is a financial holding company that provides financing, leasing, and advisory services to its clients. The company is a leading national bank with a proud history and a vision for the future, focusing on empowering businesses and personal savers with the financial agility to navigate their goals. CIT is an expert in some of the more arcane aspects of corporate borrowing, using intimate knowledge of its client companies to arrange successful deals for equipment leasing, factoring, lending for acquisitions and expansion, and credit management.


  • Capital Markets

  • Treasury and Payment Services

    • Digital solutions

    • Commercial deposits & liquidity

    • Receivables solutions

    • Payables solutions

    • Risk management solutions

  • Railcar Leasing

    • Rail fleet

    • Railcar gauge tables