East Daley Capital

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East Daley Capital is the only comprehensive provider of mid-stream energy asset-level data and analysis that covers both the capital and commodity sectors. East Daley provides unbiased, actionable market intelligence in the oil and gas industry, dissecting operational risk across the energy value chain. The firm’s proprietary methodologies and datasets uncover risk and opportunity by leveraging analysis of the intersection of energy capital and commodity markets. East Daley has built the largest U.S. energy asset database to cash flow to help identify which assets are most important and isolate their operational value. The firm provides access to capital and commodity market experts through both subscription and advisory services.

  • East Daley Capital is an energy assets data and research firm that is redefining how markets view risk for midstream and exploration and production companies.

  • In addition to using top-level financial data to predict a company’s performance, East Daley delivers asset-level analysis that provides comprehensive, fact-based intelligence.

  • EDC has the largest asset database of U.S. energy infrastructure and patent-pending production allocation model, which provide unprecedented clarity into the U.S. oil and gas midstream sector.

  • EDC specializes in Asset-level intelligence and advisory services, Crude Oil, Midstream, Analytics, Data, Consulting, Natural Gas Liquids, Natural Gas, Earnings Forecasts, MLPs, Renewables, Wind and Solar, and Hydrogen.

  • East Daley has been featured in numerous publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, NGI, Hart Energy, Energy Intelligence, and Bloomberg.