Investment Management Due Diligence Association

Founding Date

The Investment Management Due Diligence Association is the only independent global organization focused on Investment Management and operational diligence. Started by investment industry professionals, the organization’s mission is to work with the Investment Management community to set the standards for Due Diligence around the globe. IMDDA is the premier source of learning, knowledge, future-oriented research, and standards for the Due Diligence profession, by providing resources, education, and ideas to enhance the quality of Due Diligence performed by individuals. The IMDDA also provides a forum for interaction among peers to share ideas and learn from each other while developing extensive curriculum and standards for Due Diligence professionals.

The IMDDA is:

  • An exclusive investor-based organization dedicated to the professionals who investigate facts concerning investment programs.

  • An international membership dedicated to advancing the interests of institutional investors who conduct diligence on new and existing investments.

  • A representative for  pensions, mutual funds, money managers, insurance companies, investment banks, commercial trusts, endowments, hedge funds, and PE funds from across the United States and around the world.

  • Providing certification programs in both Operational and Investment due diligence and is known for its CDDA program, a first of its kind designation that consists of rigorous testing, relevant work experience and maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

  • Provides exceptional training, a vibrant community, and essential tools that make our members and their organizations more successful.

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