Momentum Structural Analysis

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Momentum Structural Analyst has been a leading provider of proprietary technical research since its inception in 1992. It provides a unique brand of technical research to individual investors and institutional investors, including registered investment advisories, banks, hedge funds, and mutual funds. MSA covers all four major exchange-traded asset classes: stocks, debt, commodities, and foreign exchange.

  • MSA’s main goal is to identify significant trend change situations in the early phase of a trend change, where you find the best opportunities and the least risk for new positions.
  • MSA will offer specific triggers or entry levels, not merely broad stroke assessment.
  • MSA continually monitors and assesses major markets in the four asset categories, looking for situations that are technically significant over the longer term.
  • MSA does not dwell on short-term trading analysis.
  • MSA does sometimes offer secondary or add-on signals later in the trend cycle.