Nickel Digital Asset Management

Nickel Digital Asset Management is an investment management firm connecting traditional finance with the digital assets space. It utilizes highly sophisticated low-latency algorithmic trading, pursuing a wide array of arbitrage strategies in both spot and derivative markets, as well as a range of directional buy-and-hold products. Nickel maintains market neutral position and expresses no view on directionality, generating returns through volatility, market inefficiencies, and price dislocations.


Market-Neutral Arbitrage Fund

The fund pursues an absolute return strategy without taking a directional view on the underlying market. While the fund has had no negative months since its inception, this strategy is not designed to compete with directional exposure to crypto assets but instead to deliver uncorrelated positive returns with a high Sharpe ratio.

Digital Gold Institutional Fund

The fund allows for secure, efficient, transparent and liquid access to Bitcoin. It is designed to remove existing complexities and inefficiencies in BTC index-tracking products. Nickel uses sophisticated execution algorithms to minimize unwanted trading slippage, which is especially critical for large trading volumes.

Nickel Digital Factors Fund

Digital Factors is a multi-strategy fund designed to generate non-correlated returns in all market environments by using a variety of idiosyncratic trading styles. Underlying strategies include High-Frequency Trading, market Making, Trend Following, Relative Value, and Statistical Arbitrage. The fund targets both higher returns and higher volatility than the Arbitrage fund.