Founding Date

Purpose is a strategy consultancy, creative agency and social movement incubator that helps solve major global problems. As the world’s leading organization for social movements and new experiments in mass digital participation, Purpose builds and supports developments to advance the fight for an open, just,and habitable world. The institution uses public mobilization and storytelling to help the leading organizations, activists, businesses, and philanthropies engaged in this fight, and creates campaigning labs and new initiatives that can shift policies and change public narratives when it matters most. Since its foundation, Purpose has built movements to fight cancer with LIVESTRONG, and worked with Jamie Oliver on a national effort to transform the food culture. Recently, Purpose launched AllOut.org, a new global movement for LGBT people and their straight friends and family.


  • Purpose collaborates with the world's leading nonprofits, philanthropies, and companies — helping them put Purpose and participation at the core of what they do.

  • As an agency, Purpose helps clients harness participation for meaningful social impact.

  • Purpose Labs experiment in real-time to discover and amplify the best new approaches to public mobilization and storytelling on major issues.

  • Purpose Labs have produced breakthrough public engagement campaigns, new messaging approaches and unexpected coalitions.

  • Purpose develops new technology and digital platforms that enable people around the world to build their own power.

  • Purpose has advised organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and UNICEF.


  • Campaigns – Create and execute participatory campaigns on social issues to engage supporters, consumers, or employees

  • Purposeful Brands – Develop strategy, narratives, and identities that launch movements; reframe and define organizations; and bring new campaigns to life

  • Content – Produce graphics, videos, interactive experiences, installations, and other forms of creative content with a participatory lens

  • Web Design & Development – Design and develop digital experiences that drive empathy, participation, and action

  • Participation Strategy –  Identify the goals, issues, audiences, theories of change, and supporter journeys that can drive people-powered change

  • New Power Transformation – Help organizations bring new power methods and mindsets to their organizations, inside and out