SSI Investment Management

SSI Investment Management is an institutional asset manager that seeks to deliver risk-adjusted returns while focusing on safety, consistency, and preservation of capital. The firm offers investment solutions utilizing a combination of convertible and equity strategies for investors looking for growth while limiting downside risk. Clients range from institutional pension plans, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, RIAs, and family offices.


Long-Only Convertibles

SSI manages diversified portfolios of convertible securities providing substantial participation in equity returns with reduced portfolio volatility and significant protection of principal investment.

Hedged Convertibles

Convertible Arbitrage portfolios hold long positions in convertible securities which are hedged with short positions in common stock, covered call options, and the tactical use of additional hedging instruments. 

Multi Asset Allocation

Multi-asset portfolios offer investors exposure to attractive market segments. The risk/return profile is adjusted based on the environment and client objectives.