Founding Date

SuperWorld is the developer of a blockchain-based social augmented reality platform designed to help brands to tag anything anywhere in augmented reality. The augmented reality virtual world is geographically mapped onto the real world allowing users to create, discover, and monetize AR content. SuperWorld features natural wonders & historical landmarks to skyscrapers & stadiums, giving landowners carte balance to build a better world in the Metaverse. The company's platform offers AR real estate tokens based on real-world polygons of longitude and latitude where owners can put up their land for any price they want and sell-off, enabling users to virtually buy and sell plots at real-world physical locations and make money. From skyscrapers and stadiums to historical monuments and iconic structures including wonders of the natural world, when you step into SuperWorld, you’ll truly make a world of your own.


  • SuperWorld's AR virtual world is geographically mapped onto the real world allowing users to create, discover and monetize AR content.

  • The plots of SuperWorld land are represented as non-fungible tokens corresponding to real world space.

  • SuperWorld users can explore and create AR content, engage in a VR real estate marketplace, or buy & sell NFTs in the SuperWorld NFT Salon.



  • SuperWorld app allows users to buy virtual plots of land anywhere in the world, share in revenue generated by user activity and become a key stakeholder on the platform.

  • The app allows users and brands to personalize the real world by adding anything anywhere in AR with interactive 3D objects, photos, videos, audio, and texts, and share the AR experience with their followers.