Brian Portnoy

Brian Portnoy

Formal First Name

Brian Portnoy is the Founder of Shaping Wealth, a financial wellness platform. He is a successful investor, writer, and entrepreneur. For the past two decades, Portnoy has worked throughout the hedge fund and mutual fund industries. He has published acclaimed books in the field of behavioral finance and investor psychology. He has delivered keynotes, workshops, and consultations on financial wellness throughout the world. Portnoy and his work have appeared in media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, and various podcasts.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Portnoy¬†is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.
  • While at Magnetar Capital, he created content that engages, educates, and empowers investors to build better portfolios.
  • He emphasizes the practical benefits of understanding the intersection of human psychology, financial markets, and modern capitalism.¬†
  • He is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago.
  • He is actively engaged in the push for better youth financial literacy and serves on the advisory board of the Alliance for Decision Education.