Chris Browne

Chris Browne

Formal First Name
Christopher (Chris)
1946 - 12/13/2009

Christopher Browne was an American investor who had spent his career working in Tweedy Browne & Co., an investment firm established by his father. His investment approach are highly influenced by Benjamin Graham’s deep value method. Being the managing director of the oldest value investing firm on Wall Street, he has published the bi-annual newsletter of the company. He retired from his position and became a senior advisor at the mutual fund complex due to his deteriorating health.

Chris Browne: Quotes

“If you’re comfortable with the stocks you own, if they’re solid businesses and you haven’t borrowed a lot to buy them, let the market do its worst. You don’t have to do something dramatic just because the market had a bad day.”

Value stocks are about as exciting as watching grass grow. But have you ever noticed just how much your grass grows in a week?”

“garbage in, garbage out.” (in reference to the efficient market theory)

“To thrive as a value investor you have to “risk being called a dummy from time to time.”

“Trying to figure what the Italian lira was going to do versus the Spanish paseta versus the U.S. dollar would have been a challenge [even] for Einstein.”

“In more than 35 years in the investment business, I have yet to find a short-term timing strategy that works.”