Deep Value

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Deep Value: Why Activist Investors and Other Contrarians Battle for Control of Losing Corporations

In Deep Value, renowned value investor Tobias Carlisle provides an insider’s perspective on stockholder activist strategies in a format accessible to both professional investors and layman. This book is an essential read for those who wants to explore the core of deep value strategy. It describes the evolution of the shareholder activism and theories of valuation. Carlisle combines engaging narrative with industry research to present the principles and methods of this complex strategy, and ultimately explains the reasoning behind the incomprehensible activist maneuvers.

"If You're A Pro On Wall Street Just Shut Up And Read This Book."

"Here's your book for the fall if you're on global Wall Street. It's an incredibly smart, dense, 213 pages. It's your Autumn smart read."

- Bloomberg's Tom Keene

"I highly recommend Deep Value. It takes a lively look at a variety of value investing strategies starting with the father of security analysis, Ben Graham. It outlines how individual investors can vastly outperform simple index strategies. For these value strategies to work, investors must be patient and brave, as it requires looking at stocks that the herd ignores. It will be a useful addition to any value investor's library."

Jim O'Shaughnessy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC, and author, What Works on Wall Street

"Value investing is the most intuitive form of investing ever devised—the attempt to buy one dollar's worth of assets for sixty cents. In his new book, Carlisle provides a thoroughly contemporary guide to the discipline, informed by killer anecdotes. Deep Value is part historical saga, part treasure map—a must-read for all investors."

Joshua M. Brown, author, The Reformed Broker blog and the bestselling book Backstage Wall Street; star of CNBC's The Halftime Report; Chief Executive Officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management

"Deep Value is a refreshing and highly entertaining work that makes a persuasive case for traditional value investment and a revival of Graham-style 'ownership consciousness'. It is a compelling addition to the value investing canon."

Vitaliy Katsenelson, Chief Investment Officer, Investment Management Associates, Inc., and author of The Little Book of Sideways Markets