Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb

Formal First Name

Mark Lamb is the Co-founder and CEO of CoinFLEX, the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange designed to trade in crypto assets and bitcoins. As a longtime advocate for physically-delivered futures over cash settlement as a way to prevent manipulation, Mark’s vision for crypto derivatives is to grow the industry beyond speculation into real commercial use for lending, borrowing, hedging and payments. He was an early investor in Bitcoin in 2012, and quickly became one of the largest crypto OTC market makers. Previously, Mark was the Founder and former CEO of Coinfloor, the first UK crypto exchange. He implemented the first cryptographically provable auditing mechanism of the company.

Professional Experience


  • CoinFLEX is a spinoff of the long-standing UK spot exchange, Coinfloor.

  • Mark created CoinFLEX in 2018, the first deliverable crypto futures exchange and launched flexUSD, the only stablecoin to pay interest.

  • CoinFLEX facilitates billions a day in repo volumes and its yield products (flexUSD and AMM+) have half a billion in capital.

  • CoinFLEX has a customer-base around the world, offering futures, spot and repo markets on more than 25 different cryptocurrencies.


  • Coinfloor turned into the UK's leading Bitcoin exchange focusing on consumers and investors buying, selling and trading the virtual currency.

  • The company operated a network of bitcoin brokers, providing settlement, educational support and on-the-ground sales.

  • He was responsible for overseeing the company's designated market making program and the partnerships with market makers on Coinfloor and CoinfloorEX.




  • Mark has appeared in various financial publications and podcasts.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.