Robert Ross

Robert Ross

Formal First Name

Robert Ross is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of tikstocks. He crafts financial education content for over 1 million people on TikTok, Instagram, and Patreon. Ross specializes in qualitative and quantitative analysis, including the math and “smell test” parts of stock research. He has been mentored by market veterans like Grant Williams, Tony Sagami, and Jared Dillian. He became one of the youngest chief analysts in the investment industry.

Professional Experience

Academic History


Investments Intern at Merrill Lynch

  • Updated client portfolios using monthly RIC reports
  • Researched numerous sector reports to formulate various company case studies
  • Examined corporate financial statements with the aim to enhance his analytical comprehension
  • Constructed multiple S&P 500 reports, analyzing various sectors and creating mock portfolios

Policy Analyst at Pelican Institute for Public Policy

  • Published weekly reports on energy, fiscal, and regulatory policy
  • Researched, authored, and edited over 50 articles on nationally recognized social and economic issues
  • Worked closely with the oil and gas industry and public officials to uncover stories pertinent to Louisiana
  • Developed and implemented an online marketing plan which increased absolute unique visitors by 1498%

Junior Analyst at Casey Research

  • Identified, analyzed, and published investment recommendations for The Casey Report and other publications
  • Conducted in-depth financial and economic analysis across various investment opportunities and asset classes
  • Wrote and worked with quantitative models to uncover undervalued investments
  • Worked in conjunction with a team of analysts to manage numerous investment portfolios

Senior Equity Analyst and Editor at Mauldin Economics

  • Edited Yield Shark, In the Money, and The Weekly Profit
  • Assisted in launching six sell-side equity research products that now generate over $13 million in annual sales
  • Researched and wrote customer-facing equity Research reports across a multitude of industries and asset classes