Shlomo Benartzi

Shlomo Benartzi

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Shlomo Benartzi is a distinguished behavioral economist that combines the concepts of psychology and economics in developing new programs to encourage saving for retirement. He works diligently on creating digital nudges that leverage technology to help millions make better financial decisions. His current focus is online behavior, studying the ways in which people think differently on screens. Benartzi has also advised government agencies in the United States and abroad in crafting numerous legislative efforts.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Benartzi co-pioneered the SMarT program with Nobel Laureate Richard H. Thaler, a behavioral prescription designed to help employees increase their savings rates gradually over time.
  • He received the TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award for “Save More Tomorrow: Using Behavioral Economics to Increase Employee Saving.”
  • His impressive resumé includes collaborations with famous thinkers, important contributions to the behavioral economics literature, and the development of effective behavioral interventions. 


  • In their original research, Benartzi and Thaler found that SMarT increased employee savings rates from 3.5% to 13.6%.
  • The program is now offered by more than half of the large retirement plans in the United States and a growing number of plans in Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • It has also been incorporated into the Pension Protection Act of 2006, enabling approximately 15 million Americans to boost their retirement savings.



  • Benartzi studies behavioral finance with a special interest in personal finance
  • He has worked with many financial institutions and served on multiple advisory boards.
  • His work stands at the intersection of economics, technology, and psychology.
  • His innovations have enabled more adaptive decision-making in a wide range of areas.