Tim Ruth

Tim Ruth

Formal First Name
Timothy (Tim)
Nick Name

Tim Ruth, widely known as the CryptoWeatherman, is a seasoned cryptocurrency trader, analyst, and technical analysis teacher who has mastered how to use technical analysis to uncover great opportunities. He creates educational content centered around analyzing crypto projects and expert technical analysis. Tim has created his own bot for crypto trading - the bot as a lagging indicator, works 24/7 to report on the tops and bottoms as the market fluctuates. He has been teaching people on TikTok and YouTube to read charts, analyze different crypto projects, and how to start buying low and selling high. In addition, Tim has a large following on social media where he shares some of his trading ideas. Previously, Tim was an agricultural economist in the Market and Trade Economics Division of the Economics Research Service.


  • Tim has a quantitative economist background and investing experience since 2007.

  • He started content creation and averaged 76.7% accuracy for trading signals during 2021.

  • He provides crypto forecasts utilizing technical analysis, and integrates economics and daily information to help you make better decisions in crypto.


  • At the USDA, he was responsible for project management, oversight of the Commodity Specific Database, and improvement of baseline processes.

  • He served as a surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy, holding roles as operations officer and anti-submarine warfare officer.

  • After his naval career, he worked at the Pentagon, where he focused on budgetary allocations for the Zumwalt class ships.

  • Later, he oversaw research and development projects with General Dynamics, then managed multi-million dollar projects and resources with Ingalls Shipbuilding.