Todd Gordon

Todd Gordon

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Todd Gordon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, an online trading research business. He is a highly regarded trader most recognized for his expertise in translating complex analytical concepts into clear and concise trading strategies. Gordon trades his capital live alongside his clients based on the very same analysis and alerts published for customers. Clients value his clear and concise analysis and discipline as he consistently applies his analysis to his personal accounts.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • Gordon moved to San Diego, California in 2001 to start his first job as a professional proprietary trader of NYSE-listed stocks.
  • He went back to New York after 4 years and worked on Wall Street as an analyst for a brokerage and as a trader for their asset management program.
  • He successfully navigated the global financial crisis for his clients.
  • After building a sizable Twitter following, he left the corporate world to start his own trading and analysis business named
  • He is working towards launching his own independent wealth management firm in 2021.


  • Gordon has been a CNBC contributor since 2010.
  • He has appeared on various shows such as CNBC Fast Money Halftime show, Fast Money, Squawk Box, Power Lunch, Squawk Alley, Squawk on the Street, Money in Motion, and the CNBC Stock Draft.
  • He continues to provide actionable, insightful, and light-hearted commentary for CNBC.  
  • He is known for blending technical and fundamental analysis to decipher the complex market landscape to produce specific trading and investment ideas for CNBC viewers and his clients. 
  • He is one of the only CNBC contributors who manages his actual investment account live with full transparency on the "TradingNation" web show.  



  • Gordon enjoys cycling, golfing, skiing with the family.