1600 Alert


1600 Alert by Mark Skousen features the author’s new trading services with claimed insight into the Oval Office policies and decisions. Taking advantage of Mark’s unique understanding of President Trump’s camp, he envisions to “turn politics into profits” with recommendations on stocks to flourish under Trump’s administration. This trading service is the product of Mark’s shared ideas with the same experts who advise for the President–giving him, and now readers, the inside track on where to make money for the remainder of his administration.

  • Mark Skousen's The 1600 Alert is a specialized service that focuses on stocks and sectors that are poised to benefit from the political policies, economic trends, and developments.

  • 1600 Alert provides weekly email alerts, as well as special alerts as soon as Dr. Skousen uncovers a new opportunity.

  • The newsletter is the only trading service in the world that can deliver scores of big gains on the back of new Oval Office policies and decisions.

  • This service centers on big market wins that happen as a direct result of the policies and agendas that come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.