8-Figure Fortunes

With 8-Figure Fortunes, you’ll be given access to the “Fourth Alpha,” a filter that helps identify special-situation stocks with the potential to yield massive returns. Built from the foundation of Charles Mizrahi’s very own Alpha-3 Approach, this service follows his tried-and-true stock-picking approach to identifying great investments. Hundreds of hours of research plus first-hand access on Wall Street brought this strategy into life. 8-Figure Fortunes gives you a comprehensive view of the industry insiders and helps you uncover winning trades the institutional money doesn’t want you to know about.

Using the Alpha-3 Approach, Charles Mizrahi first target companies that:

1. Participate in markets with long runways of growth.

2. Are run by great CEOs.

3. Have stocks mispriced by Wall Street.

Once he finds a company that meets all three of the filters for the Alpha-3 Approach, Mizrahi look to see if there are any special situations surrounding it that could make its stock soar into the stratosphere.