Beyond the Keynesian Endpoint

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Beyond the Keynesian Endpoint: Crushed by Credit and Deceived by Debt—How to Revive the Global Economy

The Keynesian Endpoint characterizes the event when the money runs out before the economy has been rescued, and investors refuse to accept any more sovereign debt. That’s where the United States and the whole world are, debt-fueled spending programs devised to cure the global financial crisis have morphed into poison. Beyond The Keynesian Endpoint illuminates the mounting sovereign debt crisis, dissects each of the many scenarios now swirling around it, and reveals the profound implications for governments, investors, and the world economy.

  • Crescenzi dissects each scenario swirling around the mounting global debt crisis and reveals its profound implications for governments, investors, and the global economy.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Reaching the Keynesian Endpoint

  • Chapter 1: Beware the Keynesian Mirage

  • Chapter 2: The 30-Year American Consumption Binge

  • Chapter 3: How Politicians Carry Out Fiscal Illusions, Deceive the Public, and Balloon Our Debts

  • Chapter 4: The Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History: The Quantitative Easing

  • Chapter 5: How the Keynesian Endpoint is Changing the Global Political Landscape

  • Chapter 6: Age Warfare: Gerontocracy

  • Chapter 7: The Hypnotic Power of Debt

  • Chapter 8: When is Being in Debt a Good Thing?

  • Chapter 9: The Investment Implications of the Keynesian Endpoint

  • Chapter 10: Conclusion: The Transformation of a Century