Contrarian Income Report

Contrarian Income Outlook is a monthly stock investing newsletter that aims to help you take advantage of market misperceptions. It uncovers secure, high-yielding investments for thousands of investors, and delivers an “8% Monthly Payer Portfolio” that lets you live on dividends alone, without selling a single share to generate extra cash. These high-yielders are a must if you want to safeguard your retirement through the market calamity.

Here's everything you get when you subscribe to Contrarian Income Report:

  • 12 monthly research bulletins
  • The full 8%+ Monthly Payer Portfolio
  • Flash alerts
  • A 24/7 members-only website
  • Quarterly webinars
  • A dedicated customer support team

Report #1: Monthly Dividend Superstars: Yields Up To 10% with Double-Digit Upside.

Report #2: The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks to Sell Now.

Report #3: Best of Both Worlds: Fixed Income Funds That Outperform Stocks

Report #4: Preferred Shares: Looking Past Common Dividends for 7%

Report #5: Second-Level Investing: Your Guide to the Contrarian Money Machine