High Yield Landlord

High Yield Landlord is the #1 service for real estate investors on Seeking Alpha. Providing concise, actionable, and real-time information, this comprehensive service allows members to follow a real estate investment approach that is guaranteed to generate higher returns with lower risk over long stretches of time. High Yield Landlord targets high yielding securities trading at attractive valuations—with an overall target yield of 8-10%.

High Yield Landlord Membership includes:

✔ Core Portfolio (Main Portfolio)

The goal of the Core Portfolio is to maximize total returns and earn an >8% dividend yield by hand-picking undervalued real estate investments. This Portfolio has been funded with ~$100,000 and HYL members have exclusive access to real-time alerts on all the latest transactions (BUY/SELL) for easy Portfolio emulation. 

Retirement Portfolio (Secondary Portfolio)

The goal of the Retirement Portfolio is to maximize safe income and earn a sustainable ~6% dividend yield. This Portfolio invests heavily in undervalued blue-chip REITs and preferred shares that are backed by real estate.

✔ International Portfolio (Optional Portfolio)

The goal of the International Portfolio is to provide diversification benefits to boost risk-adjusted returns. Invest in European, Asian, and Canadian properties with strong upside potential from the comfort of your own home.                    


✔ Course to REIT Investing

The HYL Course to REIT investing is a series of 10 modules that will equip you with all the right information to become a better investor


✔ REIT Market Intelligence

This exclusive tool includes a list of all REITs grouped by the property sector with all the information that you need to make better decisions: NAV estimate, FFO estimate, FFO growth, FFO multiple, Payout ratio, Credit rating, Dividend yield, and much more.                 


CEO Interviews

The team regularly conducts exclusive interviews with REIT management teams to gain an edge over the market


✔ Timely BUY & SELL Alerts

The team sends email alerts each time they make a change to the portfolio so members can stay up to date in managing their investments. Each alert comes with in-depth research on the highest-conviction investments.         


✔ Frequent Market Updates

HYL publishes a regular macro analysis of the markets so members are aware of the overall economic climate and context that drives the investing strategy. 


✔ 24/7 Live Chat

The live chat room is where the HYL community comes together to share market news, investment ideas, and help new members get started. Members can post questions and get prompt and detailed answers from other passionate real estate investors and the whole HYL team.