How to Have More than Enough

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How to Have More than Enough: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Abundance

How to Have More than Enough guides readers down the path to true success. Rather than gimmicks or quick fixes, this book introduces a method for achieving financial and familial stability that focuses on ten traits essential to creating prosperity, teaching children about money, living debt-free, and achieving marital bliss when it comes to finances. This easy-to-follow workbook illustrates each of these traits and allows readers to frequently assess their progress and honestly evaluate their situation. How to Have More Than Enough offers readers and their spouses the chance to work toward building wealth and strengthening their families.

  • This unique financial planner shows you not only how to build wealth, but also how to strengthen your marriage and your family.

  • It illustrates each of these traits and allows you to frequently assess your progress and honestly evaluate your situation.

  • How to Have More Than Enough offers you and your spouse the chance to work -- together -- toward building wealth while you strengthen your family and create financial and spiritual abundance.

Dave Ramsey's method will teach you:

  1. How to create a value system

  2. What finances and romance have to do with each other

  3. How to teach your children about money

  4. Why contentment is the most powerful financial principle there is

  5. And much more

Table of Contents


  • Store Manager, to Aisle One, Please!

  • Foundation Failure

  • Vision: Binoculars Looking at Your Future

  • Unity--A Tangled Rope Is Just Loops

  • Hope--Fuel for the Explosion!

  • People Who Need People--Support and Accountability

  • Intensity--Move the Rock

  • Diligence--That Dirty Little Secret

  • Patience Is Power

  • Contentment

  • Giving--The Great Misunderstanding

  • More Than Enough