Long Run Income

Long Run Income is a premium newsletter that guides you in building and maintaining a portfolio of high-quality assets to grow your investment income for decades to come. Members get access to model portfolios, look lists, and short and focused analysis on opportunities. It focuses on a regular, disciplined approach to owning a high-quality portfolio to increase your investment return over decades, if not generations.


Frequent, short, and focused analysis

This covers specific stocks, ETFs, and other assets and indicators, on which Dennison's long-run investment decisions are based. 


Many of the updates include valuable curated screens Dennison runs on different asset classes around the world, which provide a preview into his future analysis articles, and ultimately what makes it into portfolios.

Chatroom access

Direct access for asking questions and sharing ideas.

Answers on broader financial and retirement planning questions

This also includes general tax planning and estate planning ideas.

Model portfolios

Actionable packages of evaluated stocks, bonds, and ETFs tested not just for individual quality but assembled into balanced combinations usable as a model for investing part or all of an investment account.