My Side of the Street

Full Name
My Side of the Street: Why Wolves, Flash Boys, Quants, and Masters of the Universe Don't Represent the Real Wall Street

My Side of the Street is part memoir, part love letter to an institution popularly viewed as a necessary evil. It illuminates the ethical and decent majority who take the subway, worry about mortgages, and keep the entire enterprise on its feet. Introducing the general reader to captains of finance, famous on The Street but invisible to outsiders, My Side of the Street lays on display the absurdity and unbridled joy of big business—a comic tale of unlikely success in America's most notorious industry.

Table of Contents


Prologue: Nights at Rothman's

  1. Well, It's a Start

  2. A Little Luck

  3. Players Travel Light

  4. "B" School

  5. Big Hat, No Cattle

  6. The Customer Man's Two-Front War

  7. 9/11—The Day Everything Changed

  8. Pundit, Port, Drinker, Diner

  9. My Own Shop

  10. America, The Greatest Show on Earth

  11. Other People's Money

Conclusion—For the Love of the Game

Epilogue: A Quiet Night at Rothman's—September 11, 2013

Autumn 2014

Appendix I: Great Wall Street Books

Appendix II: Great Investment Books Worth Reading in a Time of Financial Crisis

Appendix III: Wall Street Movies Worth Watching Closely