Real Money Pro

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Real Money Pro is a premium subscription service that provides investors with access to the insights and recommendations of the most successful investors in the world. Designed to help investors make better investment decisions and achieve their financial goals, Real Money Pro provides practical financial insights in topics like options trading, technical analysis, profit growth, and asset management. The service offers full-spectrum analysis and is backed by an all-star line-up of Wall Street superstars, delivering actionable trade ideas, a comprehensive look at the market, and solid trade-i-i recommendations every trading day. Real Money Pro is where market intelligence and smart analysis have never been of shorter supply. It offers resources and tools, including market commentary, stock picks, and trading strategies, to help users stay up-to-date on market trends and make informed investment decisions.


  • Jim Cramer's Market Insights. He provides tri-daily updates – morning, midday, and afternoon, ensuring subscribers remain in the loop about pivotal market trends and stock ideas.

  • Expertly-Curated Stock Selections. Handpicks stock recommendations daily.This meticulous approach aids both individual investors and professional traders.

  • Highlighted Stock of the Day. Subscribers get an overview of its recent news, trading recommendations, and potential future trajectory.

  • Consistent Market Breakdowns. Established figures like Doug Kass and Bruce Kamich offer a holistic understanding of the ongoing fluctuations in the financial markets.

  • Seamless Access to Content. Subscribers can swiftly sift through content by asset class, sector, or use the general search tool to find pertinent details.


  • The subscription offers total market coverage and investing ideas from Wall Street's top pros.

  • The service offers contributors such as market gurus Doug Kass, Bruce Kamich, and Stephen Guilfoyle.

  • Guilfoyle. Doug Kass, recognized in the realm of hedge fund managers, is lauded for his skills in short-selling. 

  • Bruce Kamich brings to the table his unmatched acumen in technical analysis, an indispensable tool for active traders.

  • Stephen Guilfoyle offers a broad view of the market, offering strategies beneficial for buy-and-hold investors and active traders alike.


  • $800 for an annual subscription

  • Offers a two-week free trial