The Sale of a Lifetime

Full Name
The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017-2019 Can Make You Rich

Lauded author, Harry Dent, released another masterpiece in his most insightful book, The Sale of a Lifetime. The book reasons how the economy and markets shed the excesses produced during the economic fall bubble boom period and prepare the soil for new blossoming in innovation and an imminent spring boom.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Bubbles: Why We Never See Them, 1

Part I How to identify a Bubble

  • Chapter 1 How to Identify a Bubble: Guiding Principle #1, 13

  • Chapter 2 How to Identify a Bubble: Guiding Principle #2, 25

  • Chapter 3 How to Identify a Bubble: Guiding Principle #3, 33

  • Chapter 4 How to Identify a Bubble: Guiding Principle #4, 41

  • Chapter 5 How to Identify a Bubble: Guiding Principles #5, #6, and #7, 48

Part II A Brief (But Thorough) History of Bubbles

  • Chapter 6 Lessons from History, 65

  • Chapter 7 Bubbling America, 73

  • Chapter 8 Bubbling into the '90s and Beyond, 83

Part III Our Power to Predict

  • Chapter 9 How to Predict When Bubbles Will Crash, 101

  • Chapter 10 The Geopolitical Cycle: When It's Bad … It's Horrid, 120

  • Chapter 11 Booms, Busts, and the Power of Innovation, 133

  • Chapter 12 Evidence of the B.S. Recovery, 143

  • Chapter 13 How Bursting Bubbles Make Investors Rich … and You Can Be One of Them, 157

Part IV The Greatest Bubble and Reset of Our Lifetime

  • Chapter 14 The Single Greatest Economic Force the World Has Ever Seen, 175

  • Chapter 15 The Greatest Debt and Financial Bubble in History, 186

  • Chapter 16 Total U.S. Debt Is at Crushing Heights, 205

  • Chapter 17 The Great China Bubble, 225

  • Chapter 18 China's Unprecedented Real Estate Bubble, 234

  • Chapter 19 Why and When the Global Debt and Financial Asset Bubble Will Burst, 261

  • Chapter 20 Timing and the Finer Details, 278

Part V Profiting from the Sale of a Lifetime

A Final Word 341

Appendix: Cycles Discussed in This Book, 343

Acknowledgments, 345

How to Survive (and Thrive) the Great Gold Bust Ahead, 347

The Unpublished Bonus Chapter from The Sale of a Lifetime, 349