BlueBay Asset Management

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BlueBay Asset Management is a global fixed income specialist uniquely positioned at the convergence point between traditional and alternative asset managers. It provides progressive investment solutions structured to deliver outcomes tailored for investors seeking to enhance the returns of their portfolios. BlueBay invests over US$60 billion across fixed income on a global scale, from active benchmarked portfolios to alternative strategies and private debt.


Convertible bonds

BlueBay takeS a fundamental, benchmark-agnostic approach to managing convertible bonds. Its active management style and rigorous investment process offer investors a lower-volatility strategy with compelling alpha generation potential.

Emerging markets

BlueBay offers active long-only, total return, and hedge fund solutions across sovereign debt and corporate debt, in both hard and local currency.

Investment Grade

BlueBay is an active manager with a broad understanding of the investment-grade universe in both corporate and government debt. It constructs portfolios that aim to minimize credit risk while seeking to generate compelling returns by expressing investment ideas and themes across the risk spectrum.

Leveraged Finance

BlueBay has developed a broad spectrum of long-only and alternative investment strategies with varying liquidity profiles. It covers high yield bonds, syndicated loans, mezzanine finance, distressed debt, and private debt.

Multi-Asset Credit

BlueBay can harness ideas across investment grade, global high yield, structured credit, loans, cocos, convertible bonds, and emerging markets.

Structured Credit

BlueBay adopts a catalyst-based, value-driven investment approach across a range of collateral types; including residential/commercial mortgages, credit cards, and leveraged loans.

ESG Investing

Investment analysis of non-financial factors – commonly referred to as ESG factors – encompasses those aspects of an issuer’s operations that influence its ability to meet its financial obligations.

Assets under management: $67 billion (as of October 30, 2020)