Justin Guilder

Justin Guilder

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Justin Guilder is Co-Founder, Chief Legal Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of Lumida, a digitally native investment advisor specializing in alternative investments and digital assets. In these roles, he oversees all corporate operations, including finance, legal, compliance, people, and investment advisory operations. Guilder has over 18 years of experience having worked on a number of transactions in numerous different industries, including trusts, banking, and financial services from both a business and legal perspective. Previously, Guilder was Co-Founder and CEO of Reserve Trust, the financial institution leading the infrastructure enablement for embedded and programmatic payments. He also served as Co-founder and Managing Director of PennAve One, where he led all investment management and deal structuring for the boutique investment firm. Guilder also practiced law at international law firms, representing commercial banks and mortgage servicing companies in commercial litigation and investigations by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, New York’s Department of Financial Services, and other state banking regulators.

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  • Guilder led deal sourcing, designed financial models, and implemented transaction structuring and strategy for boutique investment companies.

  • He conducted due diligence analysis of target companies for business, financial, legal, public policy, and legislative issues.

  • He was for institutional mechanisms, formation of corporate entities and development of operating audit trails and documentation.


  • At Denton's he advised major multinational financial services corporations and counseled residential mortgage servicing companies.

  • At Kilpatrick, he developed financial models to quantify the impact of Hurricane Katrina on shipyard profits for insurance coverage litigation.

  • He also led negotiations and settled bankruptcy disputes for a multi-billion dollar bank holding company.