Randy Swan

Randy Swan

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Randy Swan is the Founder, President, and Lead Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments. He is also the creator of the innovative Defined Risk Strategy. Swan oversees and manages the strategy across numerous product portfolios and asset classes such as large-cap stocks, emerging market stocks, foreign developed stocks, small-cap stocks, long-term bonds, and gold. Before Swan Global, he was a CPA and senior manager in the Financial Services Group of KPMG, where he worked with risk managers and insurance companies as a tax consultant.

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  • Since 1997, Swan has pursued options strategies with buy-and-hold positions in an equity index ETF to define, or limit, large losses in economic downturns. 
  • His main goal was to help investors redefine the risk/return dynamic of long-term equity investing in a tax-friendly investing approach.
  • He serves on the Advisory Leadership Council of the Options Industry Council, an initiative designed to support education within the financial advisor channel.

  • In 1997, Swan recognized the limitations of Modern Portfolio Theory and the difficulty of market timing and picking stocks.
  • He developed the Swan Defined Risk Strategy to help investors redefine the risk/return dynamic of long-term investing.
  • DRS helps investors hedge against large equity market declines and provide stable returns over full market cycles.
  • His experience at KPMG helped him in designing the DRS, as he was able to see firsthand how insurance companies manage risk in their underwriting.