Rodrigo Vicuna

Rodrigo Vicuna

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Rodrigo Vicuna is Chief Financial Officer at Prime Trust, a one-stop-shop for financial infrastructure for fintech and digital asset innovators. Prime Trust offers solutions at the center of a quickly-evolving crypto industry, providing the platform that merges digital assets with traditional finance. Prior to joining the firm in 2020, he was most recently a CFO at BitGo, a leader in digital financial services. During his time at BitGo, he managed general operations, business operations, strategy, forecasting, analytics, regulatory engagement & applications, corporate risk, and global expansions in Japan, Singapore, UK, and New York City. Prior to that, he was a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, where he helped key market's growth and alternative M&A strategies for the CFO of Silicon Valley Giants. Vicuna also served in various roles at BDO, PwC, and Ernst & Young.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Bitgo, Vicuna negotiated and closed Bitgo's $100M cold storage insurance policy with Lloyds of London.

  • He built the foundation for business analytics and corporate risk teams, and led corporate development for potential and completed acquisitions.

  • He authored and implemented critical corporate policies, and created zero-based budget analysis on corporate spending.


  • He co-authored the summary of frontier technologies in national fintech markets.

  • He evaluated the strategic landscape for major ERP firms and identified improvements to make offerings more competitive.

  • He led product strategy, business assessment, and digital expansion for leading Chilean bank’s consumer loan business

  • He directed the Agile change management process of multiple business units for leading North and South American banks.


  • Vicuna has appeared in various financial publications.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.