Cocktail Investing

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Cocktail Investing: Distilling Everyday Noise into Clear Investment Signals for Better Returns

Cocktail Investing takes a look at investing in a catalyst-driven light to form a more cohesive, globally relevant investing lens. With a focus on the intersection of economics, demographics, psychographics, technology, and policy, this book helps readers build a more profitable portfolio based on what they see every day rather than following the herd on Wall Street. This book provides an off switch, helping readers apply an automatic mental filter to the incoming cacophony, to filter out only what they can use for smarter money moves. Modern investing requires a whole new approach, and Cocktail Investing is a clear, insightful guide for putting it into action.

Cocktail Investing will help you:

  1. Read the economy like a professional investor

  2. Filter out useless and misleading data

  3. Recognize "go" signals, and identifying the beneficiaries

  4. Identify cyclical and structural changes that have reshaped business models

  5. Read through the headlines and know where to look to see where economics, demographics, psychographics, technologies, and public policies are creating clear "investible signals"

  6. Know when, where, and how to use those signals in your portfolio

  7. Monitor and grow your portfolio, keeping up with the latest information and trends for a lifetime of successful investing

This book shows you how to make top shelf investments such as:

  1. Tectonic shifts in populations, income levels, and age distributions across the globe that are fermenting new opportunities

  2. A looming retirement crisis due to increasing life expectancy and an aging population where too many have saved too little

  3. A rapidly growing middle class in emerging markets and a shrinking middle class in developing economies

  4. The rising standards of living across the globe, leading to unprecedented demand for already limited and in some cases scarce resources

  5. Rapidly evolving technologies affecting everything about how, where, and when we work, play, and interact with each other

  6. Cyber attacks, hacks, and identity theft spurred on by the increasingly digital and connected lifestyle

  7. Physical currencies that are increasingly being replaced by digital and mobile payments, and even cryptocurrencies, threatening the privacy of cash, and introducing enormous new opportunities for theft

  8. Large companies in industries that barely existed more than a decade ago that are in the process of disrupting the way we do almost everything in our day-to-day lives

Table of Contents



  • Chapter 1: Money

  • Chapter 2: Getting Started

  • Chapter 3: The Economy versus the Markets

  • Chapter 4: Read the Economy Like a Pro

  • Chapter 5: The Impact of Politics and Regulation on Investing

  • Chapter 6: Enabling and Disruptive Technologies

  • Chapter 7: Profiting from Pain

  • Chapter 8: Cocktail Thematic Investing

  • Chapter 9: Designing Your Portfolio

  • Chapter 10: Choosing Your Investments

  • Chapter 11: Building the Portfolio

Appendix: Definitions, Metrics, and Resources

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