Cognitive Dissidents


The Cognitive Dissidents is a popular podcast that features interviews with a diverse array of foreign policy, technology, and global business experts. Hosted by Jacob Shapiro, this podcast is a long-form exploration of geopolitics, markets, crypto, agriculture, macro-finance, commodities, forex, and much more. Cognitive Dissidents features biweekly interviews (published every other Monday) with experts across the globe, and weekly roundups (published Friday mornings) of global financial and geopolitical events. 

What makes the Cognitive Dissidents podcast unique?

  • Long-form discussions.

    It takes a deep dive into complex topics, allowing the hosts and guests to explore issues in detail and provide nuanced insights.

  • Diverse perspectives.

    It features a wide range of experts from various fields, offering a variety of perspectives on global trends and events.

  • Global focus.

    It takes a global approach, covering events and developments from around the world.

  • Actionable insights.

    It provides practical insights that listeners can use to make informed decisions about their investments and business strategies.

Who should listen to the Cognitive Dissidents podcast?

  • Investors who want to stay informed about global trends and make informed investment decisions

  • Business leaders who need to understand the global geopolitical landscape to make strategic decisions

  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about geopolitics, markets, and the future of the global economy