Passport to Profits

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Passport to Profits: Why the Next Investment Windfalls Will be Found Abroad and How to Grab Your Share

Passport to Profits is an adventurous and honest insight into the art of investing in emerging international markets. It provides the hands-on experience you need to balance the risks and reap the rewards of global investing, right from the comfort of your home. It reveals Mobius’ own experience-tested guidelines for investing abroad. Analyzing companies and new markets, identifying potential pitfalls, crunching numbers, and meeting the local players, he knows where true growth is, and with this book in hand, you will too.

"As the world's best known emerging market investor, Mark Mobius has been circling the globe for 25 years looking for new experiences and new opportunities. If you ever wondered what it takes to do his job, look no further. Passport to Profits has it all― investment advice, war stories, traveler's tales, and survival tips. This is an essential handbook for anyone looking to understand why emerging markets have been the most exciting place to invest for the last quarter of a century."

Jonathan Davis, Columnist, Financial Times; author of Templeton's Way With Money; investment professional; and founder, Independent Investor LLP

"Passport to Profits is a remarkable book. It combines practical investment rules from one of the most successful investors of our time with an often hilarious first-hand account of Mobius' long hours of fieldwork as he searches for profitable investments. The book is a must-read for anyone in the investment business, potent, potent, potent, potent, potent, potent, potent, potent, potent, potential investors in emerging market funds, as well as economists and historians looking for an eyewitness narrative of a transformative period in the history of the world."

Paul Bernard, retired Partner and Co-Director, Asia-Pacific Investment Research, Goldman Sachs

"A worthy and definitive account of emerging market economies and the investment opportunities they present. The text is accessible and informative throughout, as well as entertaining and enjoyable in Mr. Mobius's characteristic style. The insight herein is valuable for another reason too: its passionate embrace of the free-market principles that remain the world's most reliable means of securing economic development and societal well-being."

Professor Moorad Choudhry, Department of Economics, London Metropolitan University