Stay the Course

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Stay the Course: The Story of Vanguard and the Index Revolution

Stay the Course trails the history of Vanguard Group as told by its founder, John Bogle. A captivating blend of personal memoir, company history, and investment perspective, this volume puts forward a fascinating look into the marvelous mind of a remarkable man and the empire he created. John Bogle and the Vanguard Group are intrinsically linked. Stay the Course weaves these stories together taking you on a journey through the history of one revolutionary company and one marvelous man. Investors, wealth managers, financial advisors, business leaders, and those who enjoy a good story, will find this book as informative and unique as its author.

This accessible and engaging book will help you:

  1. Explore the history of some of Vanguard’s most important mutual funds, including First Index Investment Trust, Wellington fund, and Windsor fund

  2. Understand how the Vanguard Group gave rise to the Index Revolution and transformed the lives of millions of individual investors

  3. Gain insight on John Bogle’s views on values such as perseverance, caring, commitment, integrity, and fairness

  4. Investigate a wide range of investing topics through the lens of one of the most prominent figures in the history of modern finance


About Stay the Course

Foreword by Burton G. Malkiel

Part I. The Story of Vanguard

  • Chapter 1: 1974:The Prophecy

  • Chapter 2 :1945–1965: The Background –Blair, Princeton, Fortune, and Wellington

  • Chapter 3: 1965–1974:The “Go-Go” Era, the Aftermath, and the Formation of Vanguard

  • Chapter 4: The Index Fund Revolution: From Birth to Dominance

  • Chapter 5: 1974–1981: A New Beginning

  • Chapter 6: 1981–1991: Setting the Stage for Future Growth

  • Chapter 7: 1991–1996: Preparing for a New Mutual Fund Industry

  • Chapter 8: 1996–2006: The ETF Revolutionizes Indexing

  • Chapter 9: 2006–2018: The Momentum Continues – Strategy Follows Structure

  • Chapter 10: Caring: The Founder’s Legacy

Part II. The Vanguard Funds

  • Chapter 11: Wellington Fund: Vanguard’s Alpha and Omega

  • Chapter 12: The Index Funds

  • Chapter 13: The Windsor Funds

  • Chapter 14: The PRIMECAP Funds

  • Chapter 15: The Bond Funds

  • Chapter 16: Problems and Perspectives

Part III. The Future of Investment Management

  • Chapter 17: The Fund Industry Becomes Mutual

  • Chapter 18: The Challenge to the S&P 500 Index Fund

  • Chapter 19: “The Financial Institutions Act of 2030”

Part IV. Personal Reflections 

  • Chapter 20: What Really Matters: A Memoir


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