Rayliant Global Advisors

Founding Date

Rayliant Global Advisors is a global investment management firm that specializes in asset allocation and factor-based investment solutions, with a unique focus on emerging markets. It develops innovative quant strategies that bring together elements of behavioral finance, data science, and local market insights. Its quantamental approach is an intersection of fundamental research insights and localized, traditional quant factors that enhance return efficacy.


Quantamental China

Active long-only equity portfolios employing a systematic approach to harvesting behavioral alpha by exploiting mispricings among Chinese stocks traded in markets around the world.

Quantamental Emerging Markets

Active long-only equity portfolios extending Rayliant’s localized, quantamental approach for extracting behavioral alpha to Emerging Markets, including those of Greater China, where retail trading creates enhanced opportunities for disciplined, data-driven investors.

China All Alpha

Absolute return portfolio, combining an asset allocation framework with portable long/short strategies employing equities, bonds, and futures, to deliver high alpha capture with volatility significantly below that of equities. 

China Managed Futures

Absolute return, active quantamental strategy using systematic models based on localized fundamental and technical features that capture mispricings in China’s inefficient, retail-driven commodity, equity and fixed income futures markets.