Jeff Currie

Jeff Currie

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Jeff Currie is a renowned economist and global thought leader in commodities research. Jeff is Global Head of commodities research in Global Investment research at Goldman Sachs, where he is responsible for conducting research on commodity market dynamics in the context of corporate risk management programs, short and long-term commodity investment strategies and asset allocation. Under his leadership, Goldman Sachs GIR's commodities research team has been ranked number one. Jeff rose to prominence during the 2000s by forecasting the commodity super-cycle and oil spiking above $100 a barrel. He has also been labeled a "maverick" for making bold calls that 'pack a punch'. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Jeff taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in microeconomics and econometrics at The University of Chicago and served as the associate editor of Resource and Energy economics. In addition, he has advised government agencies in the US, European Union and Russia. Jeff also worked as a consulting economist, specializing in Energy and other microeconomic issues, at Ernst and Young, LLP and economic Insight, Inc.

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  • Jeff is a member of the GIR Client and Business Standards Committee, Growth Markets Executive Group and Macro Executive Committee.

  • He was European co-head of Economics, Commodities and Strategy Research from 2010 to 2012.

  • He is a regular commentator on commodity markets and cryptocurrency, featuring on Sky News, Bloomberg and CNBC.


  • In 2003, he was selected as one of the 8 leading gas and energy executives by the U.S. Senate House energy and Commerce Committee.

  • He correctly foresaw the biggest decline in the price of gold for three decades, in 2013, two days ahead of the crash.

  • He predicted Brent prices to reach $65 in the last quarter of 2021.


  • 2020 World's Most Followed Energy Guru, The Daily Telegraph

  • 2011 CNBC Analyst of the Year, City A.M.