Luca Mossini

Luca Mossini

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Luca Mossini is the Head of Business Development of Avantgarde Finance, a fintech firm that develops Enzyme, the ultimate toolbox for smart money managers. Through Enzyme, he helps asset managers and DAOs plug & play with the best DeFi protocols, diversify treasuries, earn yields, and build a DeFi track record, all in one simple operating system. He is also the Co-founder of Mojomix, a DeFi crypto vault designed to help people onboard securely into crypto and outperform BTC in the long term. Previously, he was Director of Investor Relations at RIC Private Equity, a self-managed Canarian venture capital company.

Professional Experience

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  • Enzyme aggregates the top DeFi protocol under a unique non-custodial vault managed with an intuitive dashboard.

  • Enzyme integrates with DeFi at smart contract level, defining whitelisting policies.

  • It allows you to delegate trading, have 24/7 NAV reporting and more advanced features. 


  • He was an Investment and Fixed Asset Manager at the European Space Agency, where he was in charge of the decision-making for technical equipment.

  • He was an Investment Analyst at The Royal Bank of Scotland, where he focused on research and advisory for M&A operations in the retail sector.