Tracy Shuchart

Tracy Shuchart

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Tracy Shuchart is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Market Strategist for Hilltower Resource Advisors, a boutique research firm focusing on global energy and metals Markets. She serves as an energy and commodities analyst at Hedge Fund Telemetry, where she manages an energy and commodity portfolio for a single family office. Shuchart is an oil- and commodities-focused trader in the private equity space known for her wide-ranging insights on FinTwit. She is the host of the popular Place Your trader"s Wednesday Twitter spaces and the new Mic Drop Markets Podcast. She is a principal go-to person for energy-Market analysis amongst the media and is frequently invited for long-form interviews by think tanks and research firms. Shuchart started her career in commodities at the Chicago Board of trader", where she managed a desk on the trading floor for an exclusive futures, options, and OTC energy brokerage in executing Market positions across all commodity asset classes.

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