Be Your Own Boss

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Be Your Own Boss: How to Prosper in the Coming Entrepreneurial Decade

In Be Your Own Boss, trend forecaster Harry Dent, sees the coming decade to be the most opportunistic of a lifetime. Entrepreneurs and the most innovative enterprises create "the next great thing" only when the economy deals with the greatest challenges. Entrepreneurs will do the best in this approaching inevitable crisis. In this new prize book, Dent encourages readers to start their own business in the best way suited for them. The strategies outlined in this book will give you the greatest chance for success during these most difficult and opportune times, when the cream rises to the top and entrepreneurs reign.

  • According to Dent, the coming years might be the worst for the global economy, but there are unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs during this time.

  • Be Your Own Boss suggests that people who can generate cash and cash flow can prosper and survive during "the sale of a lifetime".

After reading this book, you will:

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Why You Can See the Key Economic Trends over the Rest of Your Life Today!

  • Chapter 1: The Amazing Predictive Power of Demographics

  • Why a Slowing Economy is Ahead

  • Chapter 2: The Cradle-to-Grave Spending Cycle

  • Chapter 3: The Greatest Debt and Financial Bubble in Modern History

  • Why It Will Burst and How You Can Prosper!

  • Chapter 4: The Four-Season Economic Model and The Four Primary Cycles Driving It 

  • Why You Have to Have Different Strategies for Each Season

  • Chapter 5: The Direct-Marketing and Network Revolution

  • Four New Marketing Models and How Network Marketing Fits In

  • Chapter 6: Options for Becoming an Entrepreneur in This Opportune Decade Ahead

  • The Pros and Cons

  • Epilogue: How to Protect Your Wealth Once You've Made It

  • About the Author