Options Trading Mastery

Options Trading Mastery is the perfect tool to have a deeper understanding of options. A 10-part video series, this premium service took years worth of research and thousands of dollars to come about. Now, it will only take 5 hours for you to master options and uncover all the trading secrets Jay Soloff have to offer. It also provides the 7 top strategies designed to educate and walk you through everything you need to know about options.


7 Steps to Trading a Credit Spread for 15-20% Returns Each Month

  • How options are priced (and how to use this to your advantage)
  • Why volatility is the #1 indicator to measure with options --- unlike what gurus think
  • The easiest way to write risk-controlled options with high probability
  • The options with the most “juice” i.e. the most valuable
  • 7 steps to trading a credit spread for 15-20% returns each month

The Most Lucrative Options Strategy Around - Trading Volatility (advanced)

  • How to make constant returns in any market (up or down or sideways)
  • The way a market maker at the CBOE views volatility
  • If you’ve ever heard someone say “Vicks”...what does it mean?
  • The 669% returns VXX trading strategy

One Option Strategy to Profit on the Long-Term and Generate Income in the Short-Term

  • Ways to profit off short term time decay
  • Steps to collecting cash while waiting for a triple digit option move
  • Taking advantage of short term volatility moves
  • Getting 65% cheaper options when you see a big move coming (others will overpay)
  • A strategy for those days when the stock market panics then returns to normal

The Butterfly Strategy: Trade in a Range, Pay Less, Make Potentially 400% More

  • The best trade to make when you know the range of a stock
  • Ways to make money with options when you ‘miss’ the strike price
  • How a butterfly trade can be 50% cheaper with 400% more profit opportunities than other strategies

The Options “Greek” System Explained in Simple Terms

  • The “Greek” strategy for maximum risk management of your cash when trading options
  • What the “Big Three” greeks are you absolutely must know like the back of your hand
  • How to pinpoint if your option will expire with a profit (the best of the Greeks)
  • The best ‘strike price’ window to generate the most cash
  • Using the “Greeks” to make your trades today

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Options

  • How to set up your options account in 5 minutes
  • The basics --- what are calls and puts as explained by a seasoned trader
  • When you should use stocks instead of options

The #1 Strategy to Both Generate Income & Buy Stocks at a Discount

  • How to earn income on stocks going up
  • How to buy stocks at a discount
  • Ways to buy stocks automatically on a pullback without guessing
  • An example of how to bank $575 on Apple in under 30 days
  • Steps to combining two options strategies to double up your income

Bulletproof Options: The Powerful Iron Condor Trade

  • Advanced Iron Condor training
  • A step-by-step walkthrough on one of the most common ETFs on the planet
  • When to use an iron condor vs. a spread

Vertical Spreads: Buy Options for 65% Less than Others

  • Using vertical spreads to lower your cost by 65% (while still a shot at max profits)
  • When to ‘roll’ your spread when it works or when it doesn’t
  • The only time I ever go ‘naked’ when buying options --- use my ‘rule of thumb’

How to Collect Fast Cash Payments Selling Options

  • The simplest way to collect more income from the stocks you already own
  • A strategy I had a 100% win rate in one of my services
  • The #1 strategy used by hedge funds and money managers (including Warren Buffett)