Treasury General Account

The Treasury General Account is the general checking account, which the Department of the Treasury uses. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds the Treasury General Account. The U.S. government makes all official payments from this account. It also holds money that is credited to the government in the form of monetized gold.

The Treasury General Account (TGA) Program consists of three services that receive cash and check deposits, including foreign items, from federal agencies:

1. The TGA Network

The TGA Network consists of commercial financial institutions that receive and reconcile over-the-counter cash and check deposits from government agencies.

These commercial financial institutions, which are designated to perform these services by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, are located throughout the world.

2. SCCN (Seized Currency Collection Network)

The SCCN consists of commercial financial institutions that specialize in receiving deposits of funds seized by law enforcement agencies.

3. MITGA (Mail-in TGA)

The MITGA is a commercial depositary that receives only mailed deposits from agencies. This is an exception to the rule that deposits are presented over-the-counter at a depositary.