Monarch Alternative Capital

Monarch Alternative Capital is a global opportunistic credit investment firm with an industry-leading distressed debt research effort. Monarch seeks attractive opportunities across multiple verticals including corporate, real estate, structured credit, government debt, and special situations. The firm utilizes a disciplined approach and dynamic sourcing to identify investments designed to deliver targeted results while maximizing capital preservation.



  • Sourcing Capabilities. 

Deep network of relationships with market participants, nurtured over nearly three decades.

Bottom-Up basis for investing vs. broad view of market factors.

Seeks to be active in investments with significant influence or control in the process or the company.

  • Flexible & Opportunistic Mandate. 

Navigate various geographies, jurisdictions, and industries while willing to be a first mover in new market segments.

Seeks to reduce risk through focus on diversification, expertise, and downside protection.


Their deep network and proven ability to provide speed and certainty of execution consistently provide a competitive advantage in the commercial real estate market.

The firm is well suited for executing Monarch’s investment strategy globally – wherever the right opportunity is found.