Jonathan Kirshner

Jonathan Kirshner

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1964 - present

Jonathan Kirshner is Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Boston College. His research and teaching interests focus on international relations, political economy, and politics and film, as well as projects on classical realism, the international political implications of the financial crisis and its aftermath, and the politics of mid-century cinema. His areas of expertise include the politics of international money and finance, economics and national security, macroeconomics, international relations theory, and economic sanctions. Prior to joining Boston College, he was Stephen and Barbara Friedman Professor of International Political Economy and Director of the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Cornell University. He is the editor of the volumes Globalization and National Security, and Money Orders: Ambiguous Economics, Ubiquitous Politics. Kirshner is the author of numerous books, including American Power after the Financial Crisis, Hollywood’s Last Golden Age: Politics, Society and the Seventies Film in America, An Unwritten Future: Realism and Uncertainty in World Politics, and the novel Urban Flight.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Cornell, he served as Director of the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies for eight years.

  • He was the recipient of the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Scholarship and the Stephen and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award.



  • His first book, Currency and Coercion, explored how states manipulate international monetary relations to advance security-related goals.

  • Appeasing Bankers illustrated how financial interests and international financial markets can shape and constrain states’ grand strategies.

  • Appeasing Bankers won the best book award from the International Security Studies Section of the International Studies Association.