Sygnum Bank

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Sygnum Bank is a global digital asset specialist and the world's first regulated digital asset bank. Founded in 2017, the bank empowers institutional and private qualified investors, corporates, banks and other financial institutions to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust. Sygnum operates an independently controlled, scalable and future-proof regulated banking platform. Their team enables institutional-grade security, expert personal service and a portfolio of regulated digital asset banking, asset management, tokenization and B2B services.


  • Sygnum focuses on compliance and regulation, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the digital asset economy.

  • The bank offers a range of services for institutional and private investors, including custody and trading, tokenization, asset management, lending, and traditional fiat currency accounts.

  • In Switzerland, Sygnum holds a banking licence and has CMS and Major Payment Institution Licence in Singapore

  • The group is also regulated in the established global financial hubs of Abu Dhabi and Luxembourg.


A seamlessly integrated portfolio of regulated banking services, including Trading, Staking, Lending and Institutional-Grade Custody.

  • Asset Management. 

Access a range of passive and active investment products to gain exposure to growth, trends, and excess return opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Tokenization. 

Explore unique investment opportunities and raise capital with bank-grade tokenization for a variety of asset classes, such as private markets and art and collectibles.

Sygnum makes access to digital assets easy with all-in-one, modular access that allows banks to focus on growing strong client relationships.

  • Trading. 

Professional 24/7 trading for the digital asset markets with their secure infrastructure, deep liquidity and expertise. 

  • Staking

Put your digital assets to work to generate yield with convenient, integrated service.

  • Custody. 

Securely store a wide range of digital assets and maintain instant access with Sygnum's bank-grade multi-level custody.

Access a cost-effective credit line using cryptocurrency assets as collateral quickly and conveniently.