Steven Goldstein

Steven Goldstein

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Steven Goldstein is one of the world's leading trader performance coaches. He is Managing Director and Behavioral Performance Coach at AlphaRCubed, where he helps clients achieve more effective and productive risk performance. He also hosts the hugely popular AlphaMind Podcast, where they conduct fascinating conversations with people from the world of financial markets. As one of today's foremost coaches in the financial markets industry, Steven has coached professional traders, managers, future leaders, and executives in risk-psychology and behavioral finance. He has nearly four decades of experience in the markets, including almost 25 years as a trader at several leading investment banks, followed by over 15 years coaching some of the world's most prominent traders and investors. Prior to developing himself as a coach, Steven worked for over 20 years as an Investment Bank trader at firms including Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, and American Express.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Steven brings considerable knowledge of financial markets, risk-psychology, and behavioral finance.

  • His approach empowers people to become more self-aware and helps them build upon their strengths to fully utilize their potential in ways that drive significant performance improvements.

  • His methodology is influenced by the field of Gestalt Psychology, which he applies to help people uncover their unconscious and hidden patterns when working in the highly uncertain environments of financial markets.

  • Steven specializes in coaching traders with clients spanning the world of investment banks, energy and commodity trading firms, hedge funds, as well as private and retail traders

  • His specialty is helping people to improve their risk process and developing self-optimization skills which lead to greater and more effective trading performance.

  • His clients include leading investment banks, hedge funds, asset and investment management firms, energy producers and commodity trading businesses based in every major global financial center.


  • He has a "Practitioners Diploma in Executive Coaching" from the highly respected Academy of Executive Coaching.

  • He is a qualified "Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations" awarded by the European Association of Gestalt Therapists.