Lacy Hunt

Lacy Hunt


Dr. Lacy Hunt is the Executive Vice President of Hoisington Investment Management Company. He is a former Senior Economist for the Federal Reserve bank of Dallas. Hunt is one of the internationally known economists on the theory of debt deflation and one of the only fixed-income managers that has been on the correct side of interest rates for decades. He is known for his long-held views that interest rates in the United States will continue to decline. The quarterly updates he writes at Hoisington Investment Management are also widely read. Hunt is the author of two books, and numerous articles in leading magazines, periodicals, and scholarly journals.

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Thoughts On What Pulled the US Out of The Great Depression:

  • US exports surged went way up - Allies needed supplies during the war
  • There was mandatory rationing in the US:  Private savings rate went up to 25% of national income
  • These allowed us to reduce debts and start to run surpluses as a country
  • Doesn't think the Deficit spending for WW2 was what got us out