Ram Ahluwalia

Ram Ahluwalia

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Ram Ahluwalia is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Co-CIO of Lumida Wealth Management, a crypto-native investment advisor specializing in digital assets and alternatives. In his roles, Ram oversees Lumida’s management team and directs the firm’s mission and operating principles. Ram is a fintech pioneer with over 20 years of experience across the consumer banking and buy-side sectors, best known for his background in statistical arbitrage and consumer credit. Prior to co-launching Lumida, he was the founder and CEO of PeerIQ, a leading provider of institutional credit risk analytics for owners and operators of consumer credit risk. He was the founder of Cross River Crypto after PeerIQ was acquired by Cross River in 2021. Previously, he was an operating executive at bank of America and Merrill Lynch. He also served as CIO of Winged Foot Capital, an investment advisor responsible for managing an alternatives portfolio via investments in hedge funds, real estate, and late-stage venture Capital.

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