Medley Global Advisors

Founding Date

Medley Global Advisors is a premier provider of industry-leading research and analysis on global macro markets to the world's top investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, banks, and financial institutions. Founded in 1997, Medley provides economic advisory services to the financial industry through global research and analysis of monetary, fiscal, regulatory policy, and politics. Medley’s expertise combines central banking, government finance, trade and energy policy, national security and politics, offering in-depth coverage across key asset classes, helping them understand and navigate the complex political and economic landscape. In addition, Medley extends G20 countries, emerging markets, geopolitics, and oil and energy markets policy intelligence services to hedge funds, institutional investors, and asset managers.


  • Medley offers risk-takers accuracy, depth and objectivity in their reporting and analysis to make investment decisions across every asset class.

  • Medley's experience and breadth of coverage in the policy world give rare insights into the key issues that drive global markets.

  • MGA's financial markets expertise allows them to identify relevant policy issues in fixed income, equity, currency, and commodity markets.


  • Developed Markets: Provides unsurpassed research and analysis of economic policymaking and political risk across the advanced industrial economies

  • Emerging Markets: Unrivaled coverage of the intersection of politics, economics, and financial markets across various regional teams.

  • Macro Energy: Covers critical policy, economic, and geopolitical risk drivers in producing and consuming nations. Quick to identify short- and medium-term trends.